by Daniel Ruy Pereira

Side A

In this green land in which I happened to live in
I do miss
abcthe green I have never seen
abcthe indian I have never met
abcthe honest politician I have never voted in
abcthe river I have never swimmed in
abcand the field I have never ran on

Magpie is beautiful
abclike the blue-arara I have never contemplated
I am proud to say that the Amazon river
abc– in which I have never sailed – is bigger than the Liffey!
And in land of rock I insist on listening to Brazilian music
The coffee is good, but without two french rolls
abcis only good

All this because I love a Brazil
abcthat I have never had
abcbut which is deep inside me,
abcin my own DNA

Side B

I wanted to play football with you
abc(but you made me play rugby)
I wanted to teach you how to drink guarana
abc(but you served me tea with cookies)
And I longed to play chorinho for you to listen
abc(but you played celtic music for me to dance)
I came with flute
abcand you gave me bagpipes
I brought my friend Drummond with me
abc(and now he is friend of your Heaney!)

For every cheese puffs
abca muffin
For every Brazilian grape
abca blueberry
And for every pinion
abca little bag of pistachios

And now I have two pleasures instead of just one.
Thanks to you, my friend Ireland.