por Daniel Ruy Pereira

For Ana, Luis and Natalia

When I fled my cage
I did not know what I would find
My feathers were dusty
My muscles campring
My singing husky

I flew alone for a while
And arrived in a gregarious old forest
With pine trees and strong wind
I expected to find another ones – different from me
I found other birds though
With different feathers –
And we were the same
They had fled from their cages as well
Their feathers were wet, heavy
Their muscles hurting
Their singing longing for fast winds
And better ears

Oh, how sadly beautiful was their song!
It required a forest symphony!
Can we form a choir?
Can we sing until dawn?
Could we escape, together,
from halcon-peregrinos and harpias?
Could we cast them out together?

You’re beautiful, my friends!
Your song deserves to echo
Through all the forests
It’s a song that make us love our own forests
And to care about the other’s forests
Because of you
I believe that my feathers can hear the song of wind
And my feet can land in safe trees
And that our eggs could have a terrific time ahead
If we sing your song, together.